About Us

Learn more about NBC (New Beginnings Crosspoint) church and our purpose

growing in unity

Our Mission

Gather, Equip, and Transform. Through the power of the Holy Spirit we will glorify God by gathering and equipping people to become passionate followers of Jesus who selflessly, courageously, and intentionally desire to transform the world, one life at a time.

Our Denomination

CrossPoint is part of a denomination called the Christian Reformed Church (CRC).  The CRC has been in existence since the 1850’s and has its roots in the Reformation.  We put a great emphasis on the Word of God, the grace of God and the Kingdom of God.  We believe the good news of Jesus Christ is a message that needs to be shared with the entire world. CrossPoint exists to share this message with our community, and we join with our denomination to share the message of Jesus globally.

Our Core Values

Rooted in Scripture

All we do and believe comes out of the authority of the Bible

Authentic Relationships

We seek to be authentic in our relationship with God and others

Intentional Outreach

Equipping all to reach the unchurched

Unstoppable Generosity

Seeking to be generous as a reflection of the heart of God

Radical Transformation

Allowing God, by His Spirit, to transform us and through us to transform the world one life at a time

Unity in Diversity

Understanding we have differences in background, culture, and personality, as well as preferences in non-essentials of Christian faith and practice, we seek to work toward unity

What Do We Believe?

We believe in one eternal God (Father, Son Holy Spirit), Creator and Ruler of all

Therefore, we will submit, as individuals and as a community, to God’s authority in all aspects of our lives

We believe God created everything in perfect harmony, but humanity’s sin brought discord into the world and has broken our relationship with God

Therefore, we know we are sinful and fall short of God’s original design

We believe God the Father is love, is just, and pursues a restored relationship with all people

Therefore, we will love, pursue justice and seek reconciliation

We believe Jesus, God’s Son, through his life, death and resurrection provides forgiveness of our sins and restores people to the Father

Therefore, with grateful hearts, we will follow Jesus and share this good news with the world

We believe the Holy Spirit points people to Jesus, empowering His followers to participate in God’s restoring work

Therefore, we will live courageous lives of surrender and dependence on the Holy Spirit’s power to transform lives and communities

We believe the Bible, the true and reliable Word of God, reveals who God is, who we are, and His plan for life together

Therefore, we will study, teach and obey God’s Word

We believe the church is a diverse community gathered by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to live like Jesus, loving God and loving others

Therefore, we will be a multicultural, multigenerational community worshipping God and serving others

We believe worship is the heart-felt response of God’s people to who He is and what He has done

Therefore, we will give Him praise in all circumstances and live lives that honor Him in all we say and do

We believe prayer is an intimate and powerful encounter with God, in which we talk about all things, humbly yielding to His will

Therefore, we will pray regularly and often about all things